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CIRCO – the HOME for entrepreneurs – will welcome the startups community from September 2016. Have ideas on how the CirCO can run the space better? Want to learn more about our special promos for early-bird members? Inbox us or sign up at www.circo.co and we will connect with you right away!


“Gear Up” is for Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and anyone else who helps them bring a new business opportunity to life.


In collaboration with Stanford Technology Venture Program (STVP) and Vietnam National University in HCMC, VYE Boot Camp desires to bring world-class entrepreneurship education program, and network from the great entrepreneurship hubs in the world to Vietnam.


About us

Viet Youth Entrepreneurs (VYE) is the rst and only entrepreneurship movement in Vietnam that is by students and for students. Founded in February 2011, VYE’s mission is to inspire and empower passionate Vietnamese youths to create successful entrepreneurial endeavors.

At the core of VYE is the belief that people should follow their passions. If they are passionate about a cause, a problem, etc. VYE encourages them to start new ventures to pursue them. Furthermore, VYE supports young people on their journey to bring these ventures to success by connecting them with the right partners, mentors, and offer them world-class entrepreneurship lessons.

Board Of Manangement

What our people say

I think student entrepreneurship is a great initiative, and what VYE’s doing is very beneficial to the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Vietnam. Keep up the good work guys!

Long Leo Pham Entrepreneurs

VYE is a great place to be. An active organization, mostly about entrepreneurship for young and enthusiastic people whom seek to work and express together. The rest is likely to be explored yourself.

Ken Do From the most rebellious member

Established by a stating up group of Entrepreneur, who are filled with the fresh like an energy of youth, i believe that VYE will have potential to reach their long-term goal

Quynh Tran Duong Organizer

I have been a sidekick to the leaders of VYE (Huong, XT, Ngoc, Linh, and many more) since the very first year. I am proud of the VYE volunteer team, as well as all the amazing boot campers from 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Can’t wait to see who comes in 2017!

Tom Kosnik Stanford Prof.

Was 2013 VYE camper when I just finished my first year at university. I could say it is such a great experience with other campers, prof Tom and so many guest speakers and mentors. Schedule may be hectic, but believe me, everything shared in the bootcamp is worth learning. After the bootcamp is the mixed feeling of both confidence and humbleness. haha

Hoang Huy Le Camper

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A day with Guy Kawasaki

Augustine, camper VYE Bootcamp 2013   There are two first-times in life that you hardly forget, your first kiss and your first time seeing a guru of your own field. I got the former when I was sixteen, and it took me nearly eight years and a half to reach the latter, Guy Kawasaki The […]

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