Next month, from August 8 to 14, about 100 Vietnamese youths will sit in the same auditorium as Tom Kosnik, a consulting professor at Stanford University’s , and Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist and current advisor to Motorola at Google. The participants will also have the chance to meet successful local entrepreneurs from companies like Tiki and VNG. The event, happening for the third consecutive year now, is widely known as Viet Youths Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2013 (VYE).

VYE was first started in February 2011 by a group of students in Vietnam who recognized that other youths have to be inspired and empowered “to create successful entrepreneurial endeavors.” Hoang Linh, one of the main organizers, shared that VYE wants to encourage the young to chase their passion. He added:

Connecting people of similar interests and mind-sets as well as inspiring them with many lessons learned from the best entrepreneurial initiatives from Vietnam and all over the world are the missions of VYE. [We believe] in the power of entrepreneurship in transforming Vietnamese economy by creating values in our society. With limitless enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and energy, Vietnamese youths are capable of creating the future of the country through entrepreneurship.”

Even though they have received more than 500 applications, they will only pick 100 to attend the event. Not only will this event provide entrepreneurial knowledge straight from the buzz – Silicon Valley, it will also look to help these aspiring startup founders expand their ideas to Southeast Asian countries.


But it’s not really that easy, is it? Hoang shared that many Vietnamese youths are inexperienced and lack “startup knowledge”. There are few opportunities for them in the country, in terms of networking and meeting veterans in the field. After VYE bootcamp, these youths will be connected to previous attendees (300 campers), local VCs and other entrepreneurs in the community. While some of them might start their own straightaway, most will work for startups to gain experience and a better understanding of the scene.

They will also be linked up with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, which enables VYE to utilize resources for educational purposes.