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Founded in 2011, VYE is the first and only entrepreneurship movement in Vietnam that is by the youth and for the youth.
At the core of VYE is the belief that everybody, especially the young, should follow their hearts. If they are passionate about something, we encourage them to go for it. We do this in two ways: by connecting people of similar interests and mindsets together, and by inspiring them with many lessons learned from the best entrepreneurial initiatives from Vietnam and all over the world.


Become one of the biggest entrepreneurship inspirer & community in Vietnam through incubation program, entrepreneurship courses, events, online community.


To inspire and empower passionate Vietnamese youths to create successful entrepreneurial endeavours.


-Promoting Vietnam’s potential in entrepreneurship and renovation
-Building the next generation of well-educated, innovative and passionate in entrepreneurship Vietnamese.
-Unleashing the potential of Vietnam in entrepreneurship and innovation.
-Transforming Vietnam from the manufacturing economy to a high-tech entrepreneurship-centric econom